Thursday, July 16, 2015

Usage of Statistics in JSER

Respected Colleagues,
I want to stress few words about usage of statistics in JSER papers.
Numerical data should be analyzed using appropriate statistical tests. Define all statistical measures and models unambiguously and include a relevant analysis of the statistical probabilities and software or statistical packages used. Identify the number of independent replications of experimental treatments and the number of times individual experiments were duplicated. Provide detailed information for each statistical test applied including: the type of test; degrees of freedom; population size; definition of population (e.g., number of individual measurements, number of animals, number of slices, number of times treatment was applied, etc.); and what correction, if any, was used to adjust for multiple pairwise comparisons. Probability values should be denoted as p. Do not report p-values to more than two places after the decimal. Actual p-values are preferred to the use of the terms “significant” and “highly significant”, for p < 0.05 and p< 0.01, respectively. Avoid the ambiguous use of p > 0.05 to declare non-significance.

JSER Editor-in-chief

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