Tuesday, June 23, 2015

New citations to JSER articles - 23.06.2015

Dear readers,
Please find one more citation of JSER articles.

[PDF] Assessing the Risk of Cerebral Palsy in Children Born after Assisted Conception–The Role of Multiple Pregnancy and Preterm Delivery

M Milićević, S Potić
SUMMARY For more than three decades, assisted reproductive techniques (ART) have
been used as effective treatments to overcome infertility. Since then, numerous studies have
been focused on different aspects of long-term health and development of children born ...
JSER editor-in-chief

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Journal Citation Reports 2015 realesed

Dear readers,
We want to announce that Thomson Reuters already released the newest Journal Citation Reports list. You can find the complete list of journals in the 2015 on the following linkIt is very pity but there are only two journals from Macedonia yet. We are making efforts to put Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation on that list in following years.
JSER editor-in-chief

New citations to JSER articles - 20.06.2015

Dear colleagues and readers,
JSER has three new citations of its articles. Here are the citations:

Endothelial antibody levels in the sera of children with autism spectrum disorders

S Bashir, L Al-Ayadhi - Journal of the Chinese Medical Association, 2015
Background The neurobiological basis of autism remains poorly understood. We
hypothesized that endothelial antibodies may be associated with the pathophysiology of
autism and may predict intellectual/social developmental abnormalities. Methods Plasma ...

[PDF] Markus Gebhardt, Susanne Schwab, Mathias Krammer, Barbara Gasteiger-Klicpera & Christine Sälzer

Z f Bildungsforsch
Zusammenfassung: Feyerer (1998) zeigte in den österreichischen Schulversuchen, dass
integrative Schulkassen einen höheren Grad an individualisiertem Schulunterricht umsetzen
als Klassen in der allgemeinen Schule ohne Schülerinnen und Schüler mit ...

Morphological Correlates of Hearing Loss after Cochlear Implantation and Electro-Acoustic Stimulation in a Hearing-Impaired Guinea Pig Model

LAJ Reiss, G Stark, AT Nguyen-Huynh, KA Spear… - Hearing Research, 2015
Abstract Hybrid or electro-acoustic stimulation (EAS) cochlear implants (CIs) are designed to
provide high-frequency electric hearing together with residual low-frequency acoustic
hearing. However, 30-50% of EAS CI recipients lose residual hearing after implantation. ...
JSER Editor-in-chief

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

New citations to articles in Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation

Dear colleagues,
JSER has new citations.

[HTML] A study of serum interleukin-12 in a sample of autistic children in Egypt

S Ibrahim, T El-Waleely, N Zakaria, R Ismail - Egyptian Journal of Psychiatry, 2015
Results The mean serum level of IL-12 was significantly higher in AD children than in
controls and was related to a younger age, male sex, a positive family history and
ante/natal/postnatal history, nondevelopment of spoken language, the presence of ...


AM Loe - 2015
There are many types of programs used in prisons. One such type is known as prison-based
animal programs (PAPs). Prison-based animal programs bring animals into facilities in order
to help offenders with emotional and behavioral problems

JSER Editor-in-chief 

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

JSER IBI factor for 2015

Dear colleagues and readers,
We want to inform you that JSER IBI factor for the year 2015 is 3.66.
IBI factor is a measure of evolution of a journal. It is a tool in the hands of a researcher to identify a better evolved journal either to publish his/ her research, or to source articles from, to aid his research. 
As a journal ages, it improves in various parameters like quality of articles published, standardization of review process, distribution of authors, web interface etc. IBI factor takes into account various factors and grades journals submitted to InfoBase Index for evaluation. Higher score indicates that the journal is more evolved. If a publisher chooses to go through the evaluation process, he can also use it as a tool to identify areas in which his/ her journal can improve.
IBI factor takes into account the following criteria-
1.Quality of Articles.
2.Stability of the Journal.
3.Technical Quality of the Journal.
5.Journal Standardization and Transparency.
JSER Editor-in-chief

Thursday, June 4, 2015

JSER in ePrints repository

Dear colleagues,
I want to announce that you can find our journal JSER in repository Eprints. What is Eprints?
EPrints is free software developed at the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton, England. Other institutions are invited (and encouraged) to set up their own open repositories for author self-archiving, using the freely-distributable EPrints software used at this site. The Southampton EPrints team can also provide hosting, training and consultancy services.
You can find JSER Eprints repository on following link. Here, I would like to thank to my colleagues Prof. Dr. Slavcho Chungurski (the dean) and assistant Prof. Leonid Djinevski from Faculty of Communication and IT at the FON University in Skopje, Republic of Macedonia for their technical support and for the hosting of this repository. I hope that our publisher will find interest to do it on our domain at the Faculty of Philosophy.
JSER Editor in chief