Saturday, January 14, 2017

New citations to articles in Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation's profile

Dear readers,
Here is one more citation of colleagues from Serbia Rajovic and Jovanovic.
Rajovic, V., & Jovanovic, O. (2013). The barriers to inclusive education: Mapping 10 years of Serbian teachersí attitudes toward inclusive education. Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation, 14(3), 78-97.
This article is cited here:

[PDF] Teachers' Perceptions of the Relationship between Inclusive Education and Distributed Leadership in two Primary Schools in Slovakia and New South Wales ( …
J Miškolci, D Armstrong, I Spandagou - Journal of Teacher Education for …, 2016
Abstract The academic literature on the practice of inclusive education presents diverse and
at times contradictory perspectives in how it is connected to practices of distributed
leadership. Depending on the approach, on the one hand, inclusive educational practice...

JSER editor-in-chief

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