Thursday, January 12, 2017

New citations to articles in Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation's profile

Dear colleagues,

We found one more citation of JSER article. Colleagues from Bosnia and Herzegovina have cited this article:

Memisevic, H., & Hadzic, S. (2013). Development Of Fine Motor Coordination And Visual-Motor Integration In Preschool Children. Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation, 14(1-2), 45-53.

into this one:

Early intervention in Bosnia and Herzegovina-a description of a model implemented in Zenica-Doboj Canton
D Babić-Čolaković, A Pasalic, H Memisevic - 2016
Early intervention (EI) is widely recognized system of providing supports to children aged 0-
5 years of age. Current evidence suggests that EI is the most efficacious method for reducing 
and potentially eliminating the symptoms of developmental disabilities. It is also widely used

JSER editor-in-chief

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