Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Three new citations of articles in Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation's profile

Dear colleagues,
Here are three new citations of JSER articles from which one is in IF journal.

[PDF] A non-invasive diagnostic system for early assessment of acute renal transplant rejection.

MNMI Shehata - 2016
Abstract Early diagnosis of acute renal transplant rejection (ARTR) is of immense
importance for appropriate therapeutic treatment administration. Although the current
diagnostic technique is based on renal biopsy, it is not preferred due to its invasiveness, ...

How Achievement Error Patterns of Students With Mild Intellectual Disability Differ From Low IQ and Low Achievement Students Without Diagnoses

MM Root, L Marchis, E White, T Courville, D Choi… - Journal of …, 2016
Abstract This study investigated the differences in error factor scores on the Kaufman Test of
Educational Achievement–Third Edition between individuals with mild intellectual
disabilities (Mild IDs), those with low achievement scores but average intelligence, and ...

[PDF] Upaya Meningkatkan Keterampilan Motorik Halus Melalui Kirigami Pada Anak Kelompok B2 TK ABA Thoyibah Banyuanyar Tahun Ajaran 2015/2016

E Setyorini, R Hafidah, AR Pudyaningtyas - KUMARA CENDEKIA, 2016

Abstract ABSTRAK Tujuan dalam penelitian ini untuk meningkatkan keterampilan motorik
halus melalui kirigami pada anak kelompok B2 TK ABA Thoyibah Banyuanyar, Banjarsari,
Surakarta Tahun Ajaran 2015/2016. Bentuk penelitian ini adalah penelitian tindakan ...

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