Wednesday, September 21, 2016

JSER article cited in Frontiers in Psychology

Dear readers,
With great honour I want to inform you that one of our articles was cited in Frontiers in Psychology, impact factor journal with IF 2.463 for 2015. This is the article which cited JSER article:

[HTML] Promoting Mentalizing in Pupils by Acting on Teachers: Preliminary Italian Evidence of the “Thought in Mind” Project

A Valle, D Massaro, I Castelli, FS Intra, E Lombardi… - Frontiers in Psychology, 2016
They cited JSER article:
Adibsereshki, N., Abdolahzadeh, M., Karmilo, M., and Hasanzadeh, M. (2014). The effectiveness of theory of mind training on the adaptive behavior of students with intellectual disability. J. Special Educ. Rehabil. 15, 91–107. doi: 10.2478/jser-2014-0006.
If company Thomson Reuters is honest they should give us IF in next evaluation.
JSER editor-in-chief 

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