Monday, May 30, 2016

JSER paper cited in Maced Med Electr J

Dear readers,
Another citation of JSER paper into Macedonian Medical Electronic Journal. This paper was cited
Trajkovski V. The role of article level metrics in scientific publishing. J Spec Educ Rehab. 2016; 17(1-2):5-15.
Spiroski M. Current Scientific Impact of Macedonian Biomedical Journals (2016) in Google Scholar Database Analysed with the Software Publish or Perish. Maced Med Electr J. 2016 May 30; 2016;50012.
You can see in the article that JSER is high with the metrics on the list of Macedonian biomedical journals. Also, I want to stress your attention that program Publish or Perish underestimated the h index of JSER and gives it value of 4, but the real h-index of JSER is 8 which you can see on #Google Scholar web site. There is some error in Publish or Perish program.
JSER editor-in-chief

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