Thursday, April 14, 2016

JSER's reapplication in DOAJ

Dear Vladimir Trajkovski ,

Congratulations! Your reapplication for Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation has been successful and the journal has been accepted back into DOAJ. Please go to the new journal record and review to check for accuracy. In particular, please check that the ISSN information is correct.

To increase the visibility, impact, distribution and usage* of your journal, we urge you to upload the journal's article metadata to us as soon as possible. You may do this from the Publisher Area in two ways:

3) Use our API (coming soon)

*Benefits of supplying DOAJ with metadata:

- Our statistics show more than 900 000 page views and 300 000 unique visitors a month to DOAJ from all over the world.
- Many aggregators, databases, libraries, publishers and search portals collect our free metadata and include it in their products. Examples are Scopus, Serial Solutions and EBSCO.
- DOAJ is OAI compliant and once an article is in DOAJ, it is automatically harvestable.
- DOAJ is OpenURL compliant and once an article is in DOAJ, it is automatically linkable.
- Over 95% of the DOAJ Publisher community said that DOAJ is important for increasing their journal's visibility
- DOAJ is often cited as a source of quality, open access journals in research and scholarly publishing circles.

The DOAJ Team

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