Thursday, March 5, 2015

New citations to my articles

Young adult learners with dyslexia: their socio-emotional support needs during adolescence

T Claassens, AC Lessing - Journal of Psychology in Africa, 2015
... Hojati, M., & Abbasi, M. (2013). Comparisons of self-efficacy and hope among students
with and without learning disabilities. Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation,
14(1–2), 66–77.

This study retrospectively explored social-emotional support needs that young adult learners with dyslexia perceived to have experienced as adolescents attending an inclusion school setting. Six young adults with dyslexia were participants (females = 3; age range 18–21 years). They responded to a qualitative interview on their socio-emotional experiences as learners with dyslexia. The data were thematically analysed. Recollections of lived experiences by the young adults highlight the important role social support systems and own coping strategies play in influencing their socio-emotional outcomes. Participants reported positive regard about their condition, with social support, acceptance and own personal assets important for success with dyslexia. A multi-dimensional socio and emotional support program could assist learners with dyslexia to function optimally.

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