Monday, March 9, 2015

Enago English Editing Services

Enago offers English language polishing services for scientific research papers for journal publication. Enago has subject expert editors (PhDs and Masters) with an average 19 years of editing experience.
Other than English editing, they offer all levels of publication support to authors, including revised rejected editing, journal selection, artwork editing, word count reduction and cover letter editing. An ISO 9001:2008 certified company, Enago is very careful about the quality delivered to authors.
Exclusive regional websites and services of Enago are listed below. Each of the websites has localized payment options and invoices available on demand.
For Global researchers: Enago Global
For Japanese researchers: Enago Japan
For Chinese researchers: Enago China
For Taiwanese researchers: Enago Taiwan
For Korean researchers: Enago Korea
For German researchers: Enago Germany
For Turkish researchers: Enago Turkey
For Portuguese researchers: Enago Brazil

To aid and facilitate the process of successful publications of scientific and academic research papers, you can also benefit from our distinguished translation services offered by our co-brand—Ulatus.

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