Monday, July 17, 2017

New citations to articles in Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation

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Here are two more citations. One of them in prestigious journal Autism Reserach.

This JSER article:
Dizdarevic, A., Mujezinovic, A., & Memisevic, H. (2017). Comparison of teachers' attitudes towards inclusive education in Bosnia and Herzegovina and European Union. Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation, 18(1-2), 92-108.

Is cited here:
[PDF] Quality of Educational Support for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Bosnia and Herzegovina-Perception of Parents and Professionals
Abstract Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) attend regular education schools and
special education schools in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Regardless of the setting, it is
important to provide early, high quality, programs to children with ASD. High quality...

This JSER article:
Mladenovska, B., & Trajkovski, V. (2010). Opinions and attitudes of parents and students for sexual development, sexual behavior and gender identity of persons with autism in the Republic of Macedonia. Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation, 11, 7–24.

 is cited here:
Socio‐sexual functioning in autism spectrum disorder: A systematic review and meta‐analyses of existing literature
GIP Hancock, MA Stokes, GB Mesibov - Autism Research, 2017
Abstract Socio-sexual functioning encompasses an individual's interests, behaviors, and
knowledge with respect to sexual, romantic, and social aspects of life. An individual's
understanding of these domains is developed through a range of informal and formal...

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