Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Three new citations to articles in Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation's profile

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I am glad to share with you three new citations of JSER articles. One is cited in doctoral disertation from University in Ljubljana. The other one is cited in The Egyptian Journal of Othorinolaryngology and third one is cited in Autism research-impact factor journal.

[PDF] HASH (0xbcbc61f8)

N Jenko - 2016
ABSTRACT Developing reading literacy in students with mild intellectual disabilities (ID) in
the adapted programmes with lower educational standards is extremely challenging. While
there are similarities and differences between reading literacy in students with and without ...

Efficacy of the Arabic Modified Fluency Shaping Program in the treatment of stuttering

NAA Rifaie, AS Saber, STK El-Din, YANM Sallam… - The Egyptian Journal of …, 2016
Background The goal of fluency-shaping approaches is not to modify stuttering but rather to
completely replace it with fluent speech. This is achieved by applying a range of fluency-
controlling techniques, usually implemented within a slow-speech framework, which ...

Research needs and priorities for transition and employment in autism: Considerations reflected in a “Special Interest Group” at the International Meeting for Autism …
DB Nicholas, S Hodgetts, L Zwaigenbaum, LE Smith… - Autism Research, 2016

Abstract Research related to supports for adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is
under-developed. As an example, system and service development to support successful
transition to adulthood and meaningful vocation for adults has received relatively little ...

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