Friday, July 29, 2016

Several new citations of JSER articles in prestigious journals

Dear readers,
With great honor I want to share several new citations in prestigious journals. They are the following articles:
Ram Lakhan and M. Thomas Kishore in this article
R Lakhan, MT Kishore - Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities, 2016
cited Kostikj-Ivanovikj V. (2009) Behavioral problems in children with mild and moderate intellectual disability. Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation 10, 49–62.
Journal of Applied Research in Intellectual Disabilities has impact factor 1.711.

Theinfluence of home-rearing environment on children′ s behavioral problems 3 years' later

W Chen, E Tanaka, K Watanabe, E Tomisaki… - Psychiatry Research, 2016
Reduction of children′s behavioral problems has the potential to ameliorate parental stress,
mental health problems, and family dysfunction. The current study.
cited this JSER article:
Kovachevikj, R., Bijedikj, M., Kuralikj-Kjishikj, L., Muftikj, E. Family Risk Factors as Indicators of Behavioral Problems with YouthJournal of Special Education and rehabilitation2009;10:1–2.
Psychiatry Research has impact factor 2.466.

  • Chai Tin Ang
  • Lay Wah Lee cited in this article
  • Sexuality Education Curriculum Content for Malaysian Students with Learning Disabilities

    CT Ang, LW Lee - Sexuality and Disability, 2016
    Abstract Sexuality education for students with learning disabilities has not been formally
    established in Malaysia. This study aimed to identify special education teachers' acceptance
    of sexuality education content for secondary school students with learning disabilities. A ...
    Sexuality and Disability has impact factor 0.771
    JSER article which was cited is: Rashikj, O.: Sexual development, education and sexual abuse of persons with disabilities in the republic of Macedonia [Abstract]. J. Special Educ. Rehabil. 10(3–4), 135–138 (2009).

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