Saturday, September 5, 2015

New citations to articles in Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation's profile

Dear readers,
There is new citation of JSER articles into: 

Animal Assisted Interventions for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder: A Systematic Review

TN Davis, R Scalzo, E Butler, M Stauffer, YN Farah… - Education and Training in …, 2015
Abstract Animal assisted intervention (AAI), which has been defined as the use of an animal
to provide therapeutic benefit based on a positive relationship between the client and the
animal, is a therapy option for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD); therefore, it is ...

They cited this one JSER article:
The effects of equine-assisted therapy in improving the psycho-social functioning of children with autism
H MEMISEVIC, S HODZIC - Journal of Special Education and Rehabilitation, 2010.

JSER editor-in-chief

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