Wednesday, January 7, 2015

JSER IBI factor 2014

Dear colleagues,
I want to share with you our newest JSER IBI factor for 2014. It is 36.6 on the scale from 0 to 50 which is not so bad. IBI factor is a measure of evolution of a journal. It is a tool in the hands of a researcher to identify a better evolved journal either to publish his/ her research, or to source articles from, to aid his research. As a journal ages, it improves in various parameters like quality of articles published, standardization of review process, distribution of authors, web interface etc. IBI factor takes into account various factors and grades journals submitted to InfoBase Index for evaluation. Higher score indicates that the journal is more evolved. If a publisher chooses to go through the evaluation process, he can also use it as a tool to identify areas in which his/ her journal can improve. More about IBI factor on InfoBase Index web site.
JSER Editor-in-chief

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