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Citation of articles from last issue of JSER 2014; 15(3-4)

Dear readers,
I want to explain you how to cite articles from last issue 3-4, vol. 15, 2014.

Citation: Cankar F, Deutsch T, Globachnik B, Pinteric A. Inclusive Education of Blind and Visually Impaired Pupils in Slovenia. J Spec Educ Rehab 2014; 15(3-4):7-23. doi: 10.2478/JSER-2014-0008

Citation: Mahnmud Suleiman Al Shoura H, Che Ahmad A. Review of Special Education Programs in Jordan: Current Practices, Challenges, and Prospects. J Spec Educ Rehab 2014; 15(3-4):24-42. doi: 10.2478/JSER-2014-0009

Citation: Kovacevic R, Suljagic S, Ljuca D, Mufic E. Recidivism After a Treatment in a Disciplinary Centre for Juveniles. J Spec Educ Rehab 2014; 15(3-4):43-58. doi: 10.2478/JSER-2014-0010

Citation: Pour MK, Adibsereshki N, Pourmohamadreza-Tajrishi M, Hossseinzadeh S. The Effect of Emotional Intelligence Training on Behavior Problems of Boys with Externalized Behavior Disorder in Elementary Schools. J Spec Educ Rehab 2014; 15(3-4):59-76. doi: 10.2478/JSER-2014-0011

Citation: Reichenberg M. The Importance of Structured Text Talks for Students’ Reading Comprehension. J Spec Educ Rehab 2014; 15(3-4):77-94. doi: 10.2478/JSER-2014-0012

Citation: Novak M, Koncar M. The Role of Support Groups in the Cooperation Between Parents of People with Intellectual Disabilities and Professional Staff. J Spec Educ Rehab 2014; 15(3-4):95-110. doi: 10.2478/JSER-2014-0013

Citation: Laskar R. The Method of Teaching and Examination for Individuals with Visual Impairments: The System in India and Japan. J Spec Educ Rehab 2014; 15(3-4):111-127. doi: 10.2478/JSER-2014-0014

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